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XUMUC has the WAN links in place to the new locations in the Houston Region.  XUMUC currently has 2 other Regions San Francisco and Denver.  Originally, XUMUC was only in one region (San Francisco).  The previous consultant did a poor job with the integration resulting in a poor IP address scheme as a result routing tables at the summarization points and at the San Francisco Campus are very large.  In addition, no VLAN structure was developed to isolate broadcast traffic.  There are 4 main departments in XUMUC: sales, finance, human resources, and research and development.  Also, there has been some concern that the WAN transport was not able to accommodate the network traffic.  Finally, all addresses in the network are statically assigned resulting in high administration overhead when changes are needed. XUMUC would like this changed to lower administrative overhead.  For assigning IP addresses you can assume any one from the following network addresses.



Number of IP Addresses Required

Address Block Assigned

Summarized Address

San Francisco




Denver Region




   Denver Campus




   Remote Office 1




   Remote Office 2




Houston Region




   Houston Campus




   Remote Office 3





Provide a document that addresses all issues described above. 

The documents comply with APA style and should contain:

Cover page

Index Page

Main Body (3 to 5 Pages)

Executive summary

Reference Page

Technical details (including any assumptions)

? Details that address all issues described above

? Completed IP addressing table (including summarized routes for the Denver and Houston regions),

? Updated network diagram with summarization address at each router and link addresses.

? Conclusion

? Reference page


Reference no: EM13758478

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