Complete the scavenger hunt by identifying flora and fauna
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Assignment - The flora and fauna region is boston and surrounding areas.

Nature has many strategies to address functions necessary for survival. Often design challenges need to respond to the same criteria in order to be successful. Complete the scavenger hunt by identifying flora and fauna in your iSite habitat type whose survival depends on an effective strategy for the listed function. Write the name of the creature and one interesting idea related to how that creature meets that function.

iSite Journal - Scavenger Hunt

How does life meet these functions?

  • Termperature Regulation
  • Protection from Elements
  • Sanitation
  • Color
  • Structural Support
  • Light/Vision
  • Ventilation
  • Moisture Regulation
  • Comfort
  • Energy Acquisition & Use

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In this assignment there are list of flora and fauna based on mimicry. All the animals, plants and there special characters are discussed here in a tabular manner.

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