Complete the ethical theories comparison chart
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Complete the Ethical Theories Comparison Chart:

Over the course of thousands of years, various theories have been offered to explain the best way to determine what is ethical. The search for "good" or correct actions and thoughts has provided several strong approaches that are actively used today. While all of the various ethical theories seek to lead one to being ethical, they differ on how this should be accomplished. Each approach has its own strengths and weaknesses. It is important to understand these differences when analyzing ethical decisions from various perspectives.

For this Assignment, you are to complete the chart for seven ethical theories based on the following criteria:

• How is "good" determined: Explain in one or two sentences what the theory argues is the correct way to determine what is right. This is the main argument of the theory in a nutshell.
• Most Noted Philosopher(s): Name the philosopher or philosophers most closely associated with the theory.
• Major Strengths: Using phrases or sentences, list at least two major strengths that is specific to that theory.
• Major Weaknesses: Using phrases or sentences, list at least two major weaknesses that is specific to that theory.

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