Complete a profit and loss report for year ending
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Assignment 1 - Case study

Part A - This assessment can be undertaken in a business of the student's choice (real or imaginary).

For this assessment, Students should consult with appropriate personnel in order to undertake an assessment of the client's financial needs. Students must undertake an interview/ consultation process to achieve the following or in a simulated work environment you can assume taking interview within the financial industry:

a) List all the financial objectives of the client, including but not limited to:

b) Tax liability reduction goals

c) Wealth accumulation

d) Asset development

e) ldentify relevant legal and financial requirements that will need to be considered in order to achieve the client's specific objectives

Detail other processes the client will need to undertake in order to achieve their financial goals, such as:

f) Owners' Personal investment strategies

g) Business registration

h) lnsurance needs

i) Tax issues / requirements j) Plan for achieving the client goals

k) Detail the financial options available for client

l) Develop the agreed criteria against the plan

m) Communication methods decided

n) Detail strategies to put in place to ensure the above requirements are met

Once the consultation process is over, students must write a detailed written report of not less than 500 words on the above information.

Part B - Students are required to write a self-evaluation and detailed report and plan (based on answers from Part A). The reflective essay must be at least 500 words and include the following:

a) The time it took to complete Task 1 (was it by the deadline, was it early /late?)

b) How specific was the questioning process? Did they ascertain all relevant financial requirements/goal of the client?

c) How detailed was their report? Were the strategies set realistic and did they meet the client's requirements? lf not, what did the students neglect to report on?

d) Also detail any changes to the client's financial position / requirements that are relevant to the consultation process.

Part C - For part C, facilitators/mentors will review the student's detailed report and plan covered in Part B and give feedback relating to the criteria mentioned in Part B and also detail any changes to the client's financial position / requirements that are relevant to the consultation process.

Part D - Once the reflective essay is done, students are required to write a second report of approx. 500 words on how to ensure the client's needs are being met. Students must cover the following in their report:

a) Discuss the importance of constantly reviewing a client's financial position/goals

b) Review the feedback given - discuss any areas that were not covered sufficiently - how can these be rectified? ls more information needed?

c) Client objectives achieved and progress of plans reviewed timely on agreed criteria

d) Have there been changes in the client's financial requirements/position? lf so how can strategies be adjusted to incorporate these changes?

Assignment 2 -

Assessment Requirement - You need to answer all questions of the Project task

Part A - Students are required to analyse financial data. For this assessment, students should refer to the A2Z solutions 20XX Annual Report (Refer to Theory). Students must complete the following:

1. Detail what authorities / personnel / sources you would have to consult with to ensure the financial data provided is accurate and complete. How would you reconcile the financial data to confirm accuracy?

2. Undertake a vertical analysis of the A2Z consolidated income statements for the years ending 1 July 20XX and 30 June 20X(X+1).

3. Complete a Profit and Loss report for year ending 30 June 20XX as well as a debt-to-equity ratio for the 2008 financial year.

4. Using appropriate ratios and financial data from the Annual Report provide an environmental and further financial analysis of A2Z Group - any suspected problem areas should be highlighted.

5. Assess the Statement of Cash Flows in the Annual report - explain why there was a significant decrease in cash at the end of the year ending 30 June 20XX compared with the previous financial year.

6. Based on the above analyses, comment on the financial performance of A2Z in the last financial year - specifically on the following aspects:

  • Profitability
  • Financial Stability
  • Efficiency

7. Lastly, assess the financial potential ot A2Z Group Ltd. Using the financial data provided in the 2008 financial report. Comment on what funding requirements would be required in the future to continue the same rate of growth over the last financial year. Also list the statutory obligations of the company.

Part B - Based on the analyses completed in assessment task 2 Part A for A2Z, prepare detailed written advice to the Management of A2Z regarding the following:

1. lnclude all the relevant analysis from Part 2 to compose a detailed written report on financial performance for the year ending 30 June 20XX.

2. Make sure in addition to the financial analysis you include the following in your report:

a) Discuss compliance protocols in place - are they sufficient to meet statutory requirements? Do they meet all the Corporate Governance principles?

b) Outline reporting and lodgment timeframes for the business year.

c) Choice of formats for presentation of information to clients.

3. Research and comment on the following:

a) What are the financial risks that should be considered - e.g. Debtor default, stability of global economy, operating costs etc.

b) For the above risks, outline options for contingencies - e.g. lnsurance options, investment options etc.

4. Give advice on how A2Z can ensure they do not have another similar loss of cash at the end of the next financial year.

5. lnclude a detailed section on the rights and obligations of A2Z management- ensure you include:

a) All relevant laws, i.e. corporation law, legislative protection, contract law, privacy law, taxation legislation etc.

6. Conclude with a list of alternative sources of short and long term investment, giving a brief description of each.

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    For these assessments, Students should consult with appropriate personnel in order to undertake an assessment of the client's financial needs. Read the Assessment description carefully. Assessment should be in a Word format. Assemble and analyze a set of sources that you have determined are relevant to the issues you are investigating. Acknowledge clearly when and how you are drawing on the ideas or phrases of others; Consult your instructors when you are unsure about how to acknowledge the contributions of others to your thought and writing. Student can seek clarification regarding the assessment required to be done. Students can ask for reasonable time from Assessor for preparation of project or Assessment. Students can seek information on additional reading material and reference for completion of the assessments. Students with special needs can seek assistance from Assessors depending upon the nature of the need. Submit this document.

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    Australian student, there are 2 assignments, I want you to get both of them done, 2000 words for each assignment. Total word limit - 4000 words for both. Students must undertake the above analysis tasks in accordance with standard accounting techniques. Spreadsheet or appropriate accounting softuuare must be used – hand written analyses will not be accepted.

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