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The goal of this assignment should be base in 2 (two) aspects and per below indicated;

i. Write a "Reflective Portfolio" on all the Units from 1 - 5 inclusive

ii. Leadership Critique

On the "Leadership Critique" this is where I'm to prepare 1,500 word of essay in the below format presented.

(a) Write a "Reflective Portfolio" on all the Units from 1 - 5 inclusive

Compile your Reflective Journal entries from Units 1 through 5 into a single document.

Add a final 1- to 2-paragraph summary of what you learned from completing your Reflective Journal entries, describing any growth or development you observed as you progressed through the module and addressing anything you plan to do differently in future modules to improve your approach to self-reflection.

(b) Leadership Critique

You have completed several activities and assignments in this module on finding and summarizing resources on leadership and connecting leadership concepts to your own experiences. As you have read and discussed, it is important for leaders to stay abreast of developments in the field of leadership and management and to maintain a critical stance towards new ideas and theories that emerge. This final element of your Final Project will be your first opportunity in your programme to practice critical thinking and academic writing on leadership concepts.

Prepare an essay of approximately 1,500 words using the following general outline:


A description of one or two leadership theories, concepts or models that interest you, including a brief discussion on why you find them interesting or relevant to your work

A discussion of how these leadership theories, concepts or models relate to your personal perspectives on leadership ± in other words, whether you find them useful to explain your understanding of and experiences with leadership or whether they seem to conflict with your understanding and experiences, and how


References/Works Cited


- Leadership as a personality trait

- Servant leadership

- Situational leadership

- Styles of leadership

- Transactional leadership

- Transformational leadership

Write a Final Project on the highlighted indicative, inclusively a reflective portfolio.

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The paper is about leadership critique in which we have to talk about any of the topics and discuss the aspects of the topic with respect to various theories that have been laid down. The topic that has been chosen is “leadership as a personality trait” and there are various theories that are presented in its favours and several others theories that are present against it. The paper has been prepared in Microsoft Office and is of 4000 words.

Reference no: EM131083232

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