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John owns a UWM Brew Pub. Business has been slow because a competitor opened up down the street and they have better food and drink specials. Instead of trying to compete, John wants out of the bar business. He is at a party with a number of friends and says “I hate the bar business, I might sell if I could get anything over $250,000 for my bar or something decent.” Ryan hears it and says “I accept.” The next morning Ryan calls John to ask when he can drop off his check for $250,000 and pick up the keys to the UWM Brew Pub. John tells Ryan he’s not selling so Ryan sues. Who wins and why? What defenses does John have and what arguments would Ryan need to make to prevail?

Reference no: EM131146227

Determine the size of the kanban

Maggie Moylan Motorcycle Corp. uses kanbans to support its transmission assembly line. Determine the size of the kanban for the mainshaft assembly and the number of kanbans

Naturalistic observations-surveys and correlational studies

Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the following non experimental research methods: (a) naturalistic observations, (b) surveys, and (c) correlational studies. If you

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The plaintiff, while a parton in a restaurant, was shot by an armed robber. The robber was angry because the cashier had locked the cash register and fled. Is the defendant re

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Acme Food Corp. decided to sell to third world countries all of its out-of-date canned food products. While it is illegal to sell these products in the United States, it is no

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Determine the upper and lower control limits of the chart. Please give the formulas for calculating UCL and LCL and at least one step of calculation. Determine the upper and l

What is the total productivity

Average costs to patients (MEd Lab revenues) is $124 fore Med Lab servies. Labor costs average $18 per patient, materials average $32, outsource expenses average $19 per patie

Describe the functions of legislatures

Briefly describe the functions of legislatures and the main difficulties they may experience in carrying out those functions. Could those difficulties be overcome by structura

The price of oil has been dropping significantly

The price of oil has been dropping significantly recently. This urges fund managers to adjust their investment portfolios. In particular, many fund managers in Canada used to


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