Competitive statement of comprehensive income
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The banking industry is an industry which provides banking and financial services to its customers. There are many banks registered in Sultanate of Oman and hence have a very high level of competition in the banking and financial services space. Bank Muscat is one of the largest banks in Sultanate of Oman. This report is basically to understand mortgage lending product of Bank Muscat. Distinguish it from the conventional mortgage lending product and to analyse its position in the market.

Prepare a 45 pages business project


List of Figures

List of Tables 

1: Introduction 

2: Background and brief history 

2.1 Sultanate of Oman – An overview 

2.2 Bank Muscat 

2.3 Mortgage Lending Market 

2.4 Baituna - House Loan offering by Bank Muscat

3: Literature Review 

3.1 Conventional mortgage and Islamic mortgage lending 

  • Conventional mortgage 
  • Islamic mortgage 
  • Points of differentiation between Islamic mortgage model with its Conventional counterpart 

3.2 Rise of Islamic Banking in Oman 

3.3 Various stages in the Life Cycle of the Product 

  • Introduction Stage
  • Growth Stage
  • Maturity Stage
  • Decline Stage

3.4 An Analytical Approach towards selection of Bank loans for process of evaluation 

3.5 Risks in Mortgage lending business and its management 

  • Credit Risk
  • Operational Risk
  • Market Risk
  • Risk management 
  • Assessment of borrower’s credit worthiness 

4: Methodology 

5: Findings 

6: Recommendations 

7: Conclusion 



Purpose os the project should be 

1. Competitive statement of comprehensive income 

2. Competitive statement of financial position

3. Competitive ratio analysis of Bank Muscat and its competitor

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