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Discussion - How Market Segmentation & Competitive Differentiation Correlate With Value Propositions

The purpose of the discussion forum is to provide a platform for students to consider how marketing principles may apply differently based on the norms, attitudes, values, beliefs and social practices of different cultures.

You’ve been exposed to the various approaches for Market Segmentation - Geographic, Demographic, Psychographic, and Behavioral - as well as the assessment criteria for Market Targeting - Size & Growth, Structural Attractiveness, and Company Objectives & Resources. You've also read about building a value proposition through differentiation on competitive advantages - Physical Attributes, Service, Personnel, Location and Image.

For this discussion assignment, undertake some research (through the library or other citable resources besides the text book) to gain insight on how creating a strong value proposition for a target market could vary based on differing cultural perceptions that may be guided by geographic, demographic, psychographic or behavioral norms associated with international regions (or countries) outside of the United States. In a brief statement, share what you’ve learned about those cultural differences and how you think they could impact segmentation marketing to hospitality, travel or tourism audiences that may be coming to the United States from that region or country.

Next, take a position (by choosing one) and providing your justification for which type of Competitive Differentiation would be considered most important to emphasize in marketing for a hospitality, travel or tourism business seeking to attract an international target market.

Be sure to cite the source of the information you are referencing using APA guidelines. American Psychological Association (2009). APA publication manual (6th ed,). Washington, D.C.

Reference no: EM132280555

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