Competitive analysis report to ceo

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Objective: The writing portfolio will include a variety of writing types that you may be expected to complete in your first job. Student Portfolio -Your portfolio will include seven writing samples with annotation (audience, intent/purpose, outcome The portfolio must also include an Executive Summary which will serve as an introduction to you and the contents of your portfolio.

Required (4)
• Bio and/ or profile/cover letter
• Meeting Request
• Meeting Minutes
• Thank You/Appreciation Message

Choose (3)

Competitive Analysis report to CEO
• Company Announcement-Elimination of certain employee benefits
• Focus Group Report
• Instructions
• Meeting Agenda
• Policy and Procedures
• Press Release
• Product Comparison Review and Recommendation
• Proposal (i.e. sales, new policy, funding)

All work must be referenced using the Harvard /APA method.

Reference no: EM131127195

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