Comparison of the cultural dimensions between us and egypt

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Write a paper that compares and contrasts the cultures from the table. Use three additional sources (not including the GLOBE resources) to support your analysis of the two cultures. This paper should be three pages in length. You need to include country culture related differences not just the comparison of scores which are already listed. Find about different country cultures by doing an in depth research on each country.

Comparison of the Cultural Dimensions between the U.S. and Egypt


The U.S.


Performance Orientation

GLOBE Score: 4.45

GLOBE Score: 4.58

Uncertainty Avoidance

GLOBE Score: 4.15

GLOBE Score: 3.67

Humane Orientation

GLOBE Score: 4.18

GLOBE Score: 4.23

Institutional Collectivism

GLOBE Score: 4.21

GLOBE Score: 3.88

In-Group Collectivism

GLOBE Score: 4.22

GLOBE Score: 6.03


GLOBE Score: 4.50

GLOBE Score: 4.04

Gender Egalitarianism

GLOBE Score: 3.36

GLOBE Score: 2.99

Future Orientation

GLOBE Score: 4.13 

GLOBE Score: 3.71

Power Distance

GLOBE Score: 4.92

The vast size of the country makes the distribution of power a little difficult to realize.

GLOBE Score: 5.43

The distribution of power is more realizable in practical application

Reference no: EM131232408

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