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Since week one you have been comparing and contrasting leadership between the 20th and 21st centuries along with the ways businesses are changing in the 21st century. Then you were asked to create a list of five new businesses from your reading. Select one of your new business ideas and create the innovative company to match your “new idea”. Create the culture and structure that would be sure to make the company successful. Also, define the traits you would need to lead the company. Add this article to you reading to help complete the exercise.

Reference no: EM131434809

Determine how many books are in the cooking category

Determine how many books are in the Cooking category. Display the number of books with a retail price of more than $30.00. Display the most recent publication date of all book

What is the probability that the next failure

The time between failures for an electrical appliance is exponentially distributed with a mean of 25 months. What is the probability that the next failure won't occur before

How disabilities are accommodated in that country

To begin with, revisit how the U.S. accommodates disabilities through the Americans with Disabilities Act. Next, choose a country other than the United States and Japan to r

Evaluating predictive performance of another method-model

According to many studies, which of the following represent the greatest threat to an organization's information systems: Organized crime. Corporate spies. Hackers. Employees.

Decision variables and constraints for optimization problem

Howie Jones owns and operates Blue Ridge Hot Tubs, a company that sells two models of hot tubs: the Aqua-Spa and the Hydro-Lux. Howie purchases prefabricated fiberglass hot tu

Eureka moment to revolutionise an industry

Today we face an entirely new environment for innovation and getting things done. The days of the lone genius quietly toiling away in pursuit of that ‘Eureka’ moment to revolu

Calculating the optimal quantity

A large supplier of electronic components has decided to control the inventory of a certain item by a periodic review, order up to R policy. The mean demand rate for this item

What extent are managers social values

To what extent are managers' social values likely to influence how they manage their employees and others with whom they interact? Why? What are the managerial implications of


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