Compares canadian health care system to affordable care act

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Course Project-

Search the web (use scholarly articles and journals, government websites, healthcare websites) for the details on the Canadian healthcare system. Write an 8-10 page analysis that:

· Compares and contrasts the Canadian Health care system to the Affordable Care Act

· Discuss the similarities and differences that may exist.

· Propose a recommendation that could improve the Affordable Care Act.

· Include strategies, policy implementations and discuss the pros and cons of the recommendations you propose.

You will need to review the Sample Policy Analysis in order to complete the project by downloading the PDF document. Click on the image to download.

Remember this is a research paper and not opinion based. Ensure that you include in text citations and references to support your analysis. Your paper should be written in Times New Roman, 12pt and be double spaced. Each page should contain at least 3 citations. Wikipedia is NOT a scholarly source and should not be used as a reference.

Reference no: EM13898048

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