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This assignment has two parts.

Part I:

Compare traditional communication tools with social media communication tools in no more than 175 words. What are the pros and cons of each?

Part II:

Review the following scenario:

Your coworker's office is situated next to yours. One day she comes into your office and informs you of a huge project that is in the process of being assigned from upper management to your department's manager. Within forty eight hours, your department manager contacts you through a text message informing you of your inclusion in this project. Unfortunately, your manager included very minimal information about project specifics, so you do not know enough to get a solid start.

Your manager is highly political and does not pay much attention to detail. Also, he does not like his personnel reaching out to individuals outside of the department, especially his counterparts.

On the other hand, you do have good relationships with other departmental managers.

Discuss in 525 to 700 words the following:

Explain how you would go about gathering the information needed to start your project, while navigating the tough political map.

Select one of the communication tools from Part I to deliver your message, and explain the rationale behind your selection.

Describe how you would use the selected communication tool in the given scenario to deliver your message.

Reference no: EM132184675

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