Compare to hitler and the jewish holocaust in your eyes
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How does this genocide compare to Hitler and the Jewish Holocaust in your eyes?

When asked this question, it is hard to compare this genocide with Hitler's treatment of the Jews. Leopold II did this out of financial greed and wanting the product so that He could get rich. Hitler on the other hand was doing this out of racial prejudice. Hitler thought the Jews were below him and shouldn't get any special treatment or anything in general. He treated the Jews like garbage and not human beings. Both genocides make me want to throw up and cry at the same time! No human being deserves to be treated the way these men treated them no matter what they have or haven't done! WE ARE ALL EQUAL!!!


Which do you think motivated Leopold II more, racial prejudice or financial greed?

After reading articles online I believe Leopold II was motivated more by financial greed than racial prejudice. He took advantage of the territories he claimed and the people that live there because of the natural resources that were in high demand at the time, like natural rubber. His goal was to gain as much power and money as he could. He exploited the people of the Congo by forcing them to hard labor that resulted in millions of deaths. He created the Force Publique to enforce his labor policies. Leopold II demonstrated that he was wiling to do whatever necessary to make money and have the Belgium Empire grow.


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