Compare their views on the impact of technology on a culture

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Identify two authors from your readings and compare their views on the impact of technology on a culture. To what degree does each author see the technology affecting social change? Were there special interests involved in the decision making concerning the development and use of the technology? Provide specific examples.

Reference no: EM13301896

Why college education is important to me

Write a five-paragraph essay on this topic using the outline below. Your essay should include an introduction, three body paragraphs, and a conclusion."Why college educatio

Fostering the launch of new products and services

Governments have played differing roles in fostering the launch of new products and services. In some cases, they retard NPD new market entrants in order to protect existing f

Create a presentation about learning process for the parents

For this benchmark, you will create a PowerPoint presentation about the learning process for the parents of your students. Select a grade level 1-8 and one of the learning t

Parent-favorite and most effective parenting tricks

If you are a parent, describe one of your favorite and most effective parenting "tricks" and how it achieves its goal. If you are not a parent, describe how you might have see

What might be the implications of the new legislation

You are a consultant to your county's social service board.  You hear that new legislation may significantly reduce social security and Medicaid Benefits. what might be the

Penetration pricing-odd pricing and price lining

Penetration Pricing. This is giving only one set of price to fit all parts of the market, from the higher to the lower class. Its main objective is to increase sales volume an

What is reaction to james eastons opening statement

What is your 1st reaction to James Eastons' Opening Statement re: Who is responsible for the 9/11 attacks?What is the premise of the video? Lastly, Do you feel Easton provid

Traditional and terrorist-related hazards

Two major differences between a traditional hazard such as the 2007 California Wildfires and the terrorist-related hazards associated with the Aum Shinrikyo Sarin Gas attack o


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