Compare the start-up of the red team and the blue team

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(a) Provide a summary for this

(b) Compare the start-up of the Red Team and the Blue team from the perspective of Tuckman's model of group development: Describe which stages each group went through. Provide supporting rationale.

(c) Analyze the Blue Team using the five Dysfunctions of a Team pyramid: Provide an overall assessment. Provide supporting rationale for each level (Bullet points for each level of the pyramid)

(d) Describe an event on one of the teams that suggests a faultline had erupted. Provide supporting rationale.

(e) Evaluate the Red Team from the perspective of the 12 Elements of Great Management: Pick two elements and show how they apply to the Red Team.

Reference no: EM13748185

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What alternate budget-classification systems are possible for the School of Public Affairs at Enormous State University? Identify (a) the measurable performance activities, pr


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