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You are asked to review the notes on CFD in pipe flows (laminar and turbulent). You are also asked to revise first year work on pipe flows with friction. There is a good revision section on p300 and following in "Frank M White, Fluid Mechanics".

Construct a straight pipe flow which will be laminar and compare the CFD predictions for the scenario with those you would expect from classical theory for a fully developed flow. i.e. parabolic velocity profile with known pressure drop per unit length. At the inlet to the pipe, you may assume a uniform velocity profile, but be aware of how this will affect the comparison between the CFD results and the classical theory. You should use this opportunity to investigate the use of more than 1 grid for the problem and note the results to guide grid selection for the turbulent flows.

Construct a smooth pipe flow that will be turbulent (you may choose to use the same pipe as before!) and calculate the main fully developed flow characteristics, as far as you can, from empirical/theoretical results. Carry out a CFD simulation for turbulent flow using standard settings for the pipe and compare results with those from empirical results. State the turbulence modelling assumptions that have been made.

For additional marks, input a variety of different turbulence modelling assumptions and note their effect on the comparison with empirical results.

Reference no: EM13944904

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