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Public Administration Theory and Practice:

Unit 1: Individual Project

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Compare the structure of the government or nonprofit organization you have selected with the bureaucratic structure described by Max Weber. Weber proposed at least 6 major characteristics of bureaucracies. Specifically compare your subject organization with a minimum of 4 of Weber's characteristics. Be sure to articulate the similarities and differences between the organizational structure and Weber's characteristics.

Reference no: EM131100054

What is opportunity cost of increase in income

Compute the opportunity cost of an increase in the number of hours spent studying in order to earn a 3.0 GPA rather than a 2.0 GPA. Find out opportunity cost of an increase i

Determine which system works better

Determine which system, socialist or capitalist, feudalism or mercantilism, works better? Explain your reasoning? Also, which type of business gives the owner highest protecti

What is the most important benefit that walmart offers

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What happen if b1 and b2 are perfectly positively correlated

You should be able to construct an example from this. The second example is even easier. What happens if B1 and B2 are perfectly positively correlated and B2 always exce

Computing marginal costs with excel

Using the given table, find out the quantity where MC = ATC. Find out the quantity where ATC is at its minimum. Find out the quantity that is the most efficient operating po

Estimate the treatment on the treated

Econometrics 718 - Optional Problem Set. Now pick some other data set and choose a treatment variable. Continue to estimate the treatment on the treated. Estimate using linear

Analyze kinds of risks that are most intimidating for each

Risks are common for all firms, but there are different levels of risks in different industries and in different countries. The differences in risks from firm to firm or ind

Distinguish between liquidity and solvency

Distinguish between liquidity and solvency. Why are banks vulnerable to liquidity problems and how can a liquidity problem change into insolvency? How can the Fed prevent th


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