Compare size of cmfr and pfr to achieve 50 percent

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Compare the size of a CMFR (completly mixed flow reactor) and PFR (plug flow reactor) to achieve 50 percent removal of a contaminant, given a flow rate of 10^4 m^3/d and a first-order rate constant of -0.4/hr. Repeat for 99 percent removal.

Reference no: EM13297225

Determine the initial and final temperatures

A mass of 5 kg of saturated liquid-vapor mixture of water is contained in a piston-cylinder device at 125 kPa. Initially, 2 kg of the water is in the liquid phase and the rest

Determine how effiecient is the pump above the free surface

A fireboat pump draws seawater (density=1.95 slugs/ft^3) from a 6 inch diamter submergred pipe that reaches 6 feet under the free surface and discharges 120 ft/s through a 2

Describe the steps of an eia process

Describe the steps of an EIA process for the above subject project - who will you consider in public participation and why and what type of base line data will you need for th

Determine the peak discharge that would result no ponds

Suppose a drainage basin has an area of 288 acres with a CN=55(Runoff Coef. of 0.30). Determine the peak discharge (in cfs) that would result from a 6.0in., 24-hr assuming t

Darcy law and quantity of groundwater

Using Darcy's Law, calculate the quantity of groundwater (L/day), the seepage velocity (m/s), and the contaminant loading (Kg/day) to the river (assuming no retardation) for

Determine acceleration a of frame which will cause tension

The steel ball is suspended from the accelerating frame by the two cords A and B. Determine the acceleration a of the frame which will cause the tension in A to be twice tha

What additional information would need to calculate stress

The bar under the applied force is now 2.448 meters long. Calculate the following for the bar: a) engineering stress, b) engineering strain, c) true strain, d) Young's modul

How much heat energy is radiatred from each of the disk

During frequent braking under race conditions the disk brake rotors on the car described above reach a temperature of 500C. These disk brakes rely on forced convection to co


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