Compare renault and nissan overall cultural environments

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"The Role of Culture on International Business" Please respond to the following:

• Imagine you work for a U.S. based organization that is considering expansion into Saudi Arabia. Examine the different methods for assessing the cultural context of a society, such as Hofstede, Trompenaar, and others discussed in this week's reading in chapter 4 and 5, and determine the method that you believe would be the most effective for your organization to apply. Justify your response.

• From the e-Activity, compare and contrast Renault's and Nissan's overall cultural environments. Specify key strategies that an auto company such as Renault-Nissan could use in order to transcend national culture and still operate across boundaries with the full integration of functions and with global economies of scale.


• Watch the video titled, "Renault-Nissan Alliance Case Study" (7 min 41s). Be prepared to discuss. Video Source: AutoMotoTV. (March 28, 2014). Renault-Nissan Alliance Case Study [Video file].

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Reference no: EM131148117

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