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I need atleast 100 words to each question

1) Write a short essay to compare life in pre-civilized (hunting and gathering) and early civilized (agricultural) societies - in what ways did life become better with civilization? In what ways did life get worse? 

2) a) Compare and contrast life in ancient Mesopotamia with life in ancient Egypt.  Also respond to this question: b) If you had to live in one of those places around 2500 BC, which one would you choose? (tell why)

3) How significant or important - in terms of shaping the western cultural transition - was Moses? Assess his impact in about 100 words or so. Tell who he was, what he did, and give evidence of his impact.

4) Describe the importance of the Hebrew prophetic tradition to the western cultural tradition, in 100 words or so.  Be as specific as you can, and illustrate your essay with examples where possible.

Reference no: EM13239279

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