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Research Case-Comparing Financial Reporting Objectives. GASB Concepts Statement No. 1, "Objectives of Financial Reporting," states that "Accountability is the cornerstone of all financial reporting in government." FASB Statements of Financial Accounting Concepts Statement No. 8, "Conceptual Framework for Financial Reporting," states that "The objective of general purpose financial reporting is to provide financial information about the reporting entity that is useful to existing and potential investors, lenders, and other creditors in making decisions about providing resources to the entity." However, the FASB has acknowledged through Statement of Financial Accounting Concepts No. 4, "Objectives of Financial Reporting by Nonbusiness Organizations," that users of business and not-for-profit entities differ.


Compare the financial reporting needs of the resource providers of government/not-for-profit organizations to the financial reporting needs of the resource providers of for-profit organizations.

Reference no: EM131330723

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