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Homework 1

: Summarize Reading 2 paper

Read the textbook Reading 2 beginning on page 403 of your textbook. Write a 2-3 page paper discussing how accounting impacted the organization and the culture of the organization.

Be sure to discuss the influence of culture on accounting and how accounting influences the culture of the organization. How was the organization changed by the information provided by accounting? Why was a change needed within this organization?

Homework 2

Compare and Contrast Financial and Managerial Accounting paper. Write a 2- 3 page paper discussing how financial and managerial accounting information could help various regulators who impact accounting rules.

Reference no: EM131442908

Prepare a monthly payment schedule showing the monthly

Pittman Corporation purchased a building by signing a $75,000 long-term mortgage with monthly payments of $1,000. The mortgage carries an interest rate of 12 percent. Prepare

Respect of the development for the year

On 1 January 1995, X Ltd borrowed £30 million to finance the project. The £30 million carries no interest but is repayable on 31 December 1997 at a premium of £9.93 million

Determining depletion deduction

Robin incurred expenses during 2008 of $1,000,000. The percentage depletion rate is 22 percent. Determine Robin's depletion deduction for 2008.

Calculate the initial tax imposed on black pearl

The board of directors of BLACK Pearl, Inc., a private foundation, consists of Alice, Beth, and Carlos. They vote unanimously to provide a $250000 grant to Mark, their busin

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Assume that Corp Inc had sold the equipment to the lessor at FMV immediately prior to the above lease. Also assume the book value of the equipment was $355,000 and the cost

Determining number of units produced-ending inventory

Heath Company has beginning inventory of 21,000 units and expected sales of 48,000 units. if the desired ending inventory is 15,500 units, how many units should be produced?

General rules of the fair labor standards act

Among its 5,000 employees were 165 youngsters aged 14 and 15 who worked full-time during the day and were paid at a rate less than the minimum wage. Which statement is true

Reber company had a cash balance per books of

On May 31, 2014, Reber Company had a cash balance per books of $7,167.50. The bank statement from New York State Bank on that date showed a balance of $6,790.60. A comparison


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