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1. encourage further dialogue and discussion

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4. compare and/or contrast your responses

M2:Discussion Corliss Childs


The Psychoanalytic , Adlerian, and Existential theories all have similarities between each other. They all give an explanation for the causes of why things happen in our lives . The human is the common denominator for causes in our lives. The causes can come from a persons' past , present , or future. Each therapy has a life goal that is trying to be reached at the end of every session .


Each theory has the same goal but different reasoning for each one. Psychoanalytic theory reasoning is that unconscious and first stages in our lives are reasoning for our behavior . Adlerian theory reasoning is that pas experiences in our lives are reasoning in our lives . This theory takes a more psychodynamic approach in therapy . Existential therapy says that we are responsible for our own behaviors and we have control over our choices .

Apply to my life

The aspects I apply to my life from the Psychoanalytic theory are the uses of each defense that is used in the theory . For example , repression is a huge issue i deal with in my life. I can use how he explained repression and apply to my life. In the Alderian theory, I could use the birth order concept and apply it to my life to my life. I am the only child , so I am aware that me being the only child explains my reasoning for my behavior . Existential therapy tells me that I am in control of my destiny and my behavior. I know that I can apply this to my personal growth by knowing I can take control of my behavior and I am responsible for my choices.

Appeals to me

The Existential therapy appeals to me the most because it is do direct. It tells me that whatever situation I am in it is because of my choice. According to (), it states that we are the author of our lives , and we design the pathways we follow. I was brought up knowing that I am responsible for my choices and that every decision I make counts. I paint down the road I want to go by my choices and behaviors .

Reference no: EM131291793

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