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Read: Dewhurst, M., Harris, J., & Heywood, S. (2011). Understanding your 'globalization penalty'. Mckinsey Quarterly, (3), 12-15.

The rapid growth of emerging markets is providing fresh impetus for companies to become ever more global in scope. Deep experience in other international markets means that many companies know globalization's potential benefits-which include accessing new markets and talent pools and capturing economies of scale-as well as a number of risks: creeping complexity, culture clashes, and vigorous responses from local competitors, to name just a few. This article is based on McKinsey's 2011 research utilizing an organizational-health index database.

In order to judge the value of these findings, compare and contrast two U.S. companies to make your point about which is healthier. For your comparative analysis, choose one business closer to home and another business that is spread out around the globe.


Visit the companies' Websites and carefully study their positioning.

Your comparative analysis paper should be 3 pages

Support your analysis by referencing two outside sources and the course textbook in proper APA format and style.

Reference no: EM13758920

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