Compare and contrast two different cave paintings

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Compare and contrast 2 different cave paintings, 2 different Paleolithic "Venus" figures, or 2 different Megalithic Structures.

What is similar? What is different? Does each work show a unique style as well as a common one?

Use specific works as covered in class, in the textbook, or from another scholarly source as examples.

Reference no: EM13497200

Discuss the philosophic worldview of the golden age

How would we best describe the pre-Socratic philosophic tradition as related to metaphysical speculation in the thought of Thales of Miletus, Leucippus, and Democitus, and w

Gene based therapies can now be used to successfully

Gene based therapies can now be used to successfully treat cystic fibrosis and a few other diseases, and more applications of this technology may be expected in the future. If

Difference between riparian and appropriative water rights

What is the difference between riparian and appropriative water rights and under what conditions is each of these most suited? Provide a reference citation for your source m

Discussion using the milgram experiment

Discuss how regular employees of certain large corporations (such as Enron or Goldman Sachs, etc.) could ignore or support highly unethical and/or illegal financial activiti

Characteristics of ancient greek culture

Explain the origins of Greek culture and five distinctive characteristics of ancient Greek culture as related to architecture, philosophy, history, literature, and religion.

How will the shareholder be taxed

Cardinal Corporation (a calendar year taxpayer) had a deficit in accumulated E & P of $500,000 at the beginning of the current year. Its net profit for the period January 1

Explain the management technique

If a firm decided to reevaluate and reorganize the way it did business, in hopes of creating competitive advantage, by changing or decreasing jobs, the company would be usin

Prepare the entries for leonard company

Equity Method On January 2, Leonard Company acquired 40% of the outstanding stock of Bristol Company for $320,000. For the year ending December 31, Bristol Company earned in


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