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The purpose of the Final Paper is to analyze and explain the similarities and differences between traditional policing and COPPS as well as infer the future of police leadership. Within the scope of the paper the student will be required to address the following:

Compare and contrast Traditional Policing with COPPS. What is Traditional Policing? What is COPPS? What are the similarities and what are the differences between the two? What is the philosophy of each?

Explain the successful leadership traits that are inherent in each and how they overlap. What are leaders looking for from their employees within each style?

Identify and describe the leadership and motivational theories applicable to each. Discuss how these theories are applied practically in police work today.

Compare how leadership, management, and supervision are different and/or similar in Traditional Policing and COPPS.

Choose two modern crime issues and explain how each style of policing would address these issues. Which style is more effective for each issue, and why? Would a combination of styles be more effective? Why?

Choices for crime issues:

  • Incidences of rape on a college campus
  • Multiple home robberies throughout a middle class neighborhood
  • Gang infighting
  • Drug use/abuse by affluent teenagers
  • Prostitution in a low-income residential neighborhood
  • Vandalism of inner-city schools
  • Possible terrorist activity/cell
  • High speed car races on city streets
  • Juvenile crime
  • Bullying in schools
  • Domestic disputes
  • Natural disasters
  • Major accidents

Which style of policing is most practical and effective for today's world, or would a combination of both work? Explain why.

How will both styles need to change and/or be implemented in the future to create successful supervision and leadership of police?

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