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Discussion 1

"Goods and Service Design" Please respond to the following:

From the e-Activity, examine some of the steps that are involved in designing goods and services. Select two services or two products that are currently on the market. Use Exhibit 6.1 from Chapter 6 of the text to compare and contrast each step, and determine the similarities and areas where they differ.

From the e-Activity, suggest at least two changes to specific areas of the process design phase that may lead to improvement in operations. Provide a rationale to support your suggestion.

Discussion 2

"Service Positioning versus Product Process" Please respond to the following:

Compare and contrast the service positioning matrix and the product process matrix in terms of their differences and similarities.

Provide at least one example currently used in business for each of the matrixes and evaluate their benefits and limitations within the industry you chose.

Evaluate how each matrix is unique in the way it addresses the needs of the customer.

Reference no: EM131262051

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