Compare a surplus or a deficit

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Question1. What is more beneficial to an economy a surplus or a deficit relative to budget expenditures? Why?

Question2. Suppose if you were chief economic advisor to the President atpresent, what are the 3-recommendations you would make to him to improve overall effectiveness of the economy?


Reference no: EM1375403

Which country has lower opportunity cost of producing oil

Which country has the lower opportunity cost of producing olive oil? According to the principle of comparative advantage, which country would export olive oil after the elim

Who can buy the quantity supplied of gasoline

Assume the government sets a price ceiling below the Pe. Plot this price ceiling price on your diagram. What is the new market situation How will it be decided who can buy t

What is the opportunity cost of x in america

What is the opportunity cost of x in America? What is the opportunity cost of x in China? What is the opportunity cost of y in America? What is the opportunity cost of y

Why are there no runs on banks in the us today

Does the fact that there are no "runs on banks" mean that all banks in the U.S. are fiscially sound How do banks "create" money, how does the Federal Reserve Bank control thi

Describe what is a classical macroeconomist

Explain for each event whether it changes short-run aggregate supply, long-run aggregate supply, aggregate demand, or some combination of them. Explain the separate effects

What will determine that economy is slowly recovering

In the period 2000-2003, the RGDP (real GDP adjusted for inflation) growth rate in the US averaged 2.39% per year, while inflation rates remained at around 2.53% per year. I

Explain the reason behind growth disparities among countries

Why resources are no longer the most important indicators of economic growth disparity among countries? Which other economic and non-economic factors do you think explain th

Discuss the structure of the housing market in sydney

Some properties are "sold prior to auction", that is, the vendor accepts an offer before the auction is actually run. Investigate and write a summary on how this process wor


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