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Question: Need a comparative study between any two countries on information security approaches mentioning all the processes that they have done to secure their information infrastructure and how did they benefit from it from all aspects. Do a clearance report.


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The solution is about the information security system of the United States and Canada and their policies and approaches. The solution defines the definition of the information security and discuss the FISMA and PIPEDA which are the major approaches of the government. Word document consist of cover page, times Roman 12 point and Harvard style of references

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Table of Contents

What is Information Security? 3
Information Security Process in United States: 3
Purpose of FISMA: 4
Execution of FISMA: 4
Continuous monitoring 5
Information Security in Canada: 5
The PIPEDA is applicable to: 6
The PIPEDA is not applicable to: 6
As specific in PIPEDA: 6
The PIPEDA provides person the right to: 7
The PIPEDA needs Company to: 8
References: 8

What is Information Security?

“Information security” is referred as InfoSec also and it is a practice of stopping not authorized destruction, recording, inspection, modification, disruption, disclosure, use and access of data/ information. This is a common word which can be utilized anyway of the structure the information may obtain (for example: physical, electronic).

Information Security Process in United States:

The FISMA “Federal Information Security Management Act of 2002” is a U.S. federal law performed as “Title III of the E-Government Act of 2002 (Pub.L. 107–347, 116 Stat. 2899)”. The law acknowledged this significance of data safety to national & financial safety facilities of U.S. The law need every “federal agency to implement, document and develop an agency-wide agenda to offer information security for the data systems and information which maintain the assets and operations of the agency, involving those managed or provided by another contractor, agency or any other sources.” FISMA have conveyed consideration inside the centralized administration to cyber safety & expressly accentuated a "hazard based strategy for practical security." FISMA needs IGs, CIOs, and officials to direct yearly evaluations of the office's data safety agenda & discuss conclusions to OMB "Office of Management and Budget".

Purpose of FISMA:

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