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Your company is bought out by another company and there were massive layoffs. Your manager was one of the casualties. In the reorganization, your department was moved to the new parent company which means new coworkers and more importantly, a new boss as part of a new publishing company with 300 employees over 4 sites. Your new manager visited your new desk as you were unpacking your stapler and announced that you were the person with the most experience so they needed you to give a presentation to the other department managers on the need for physical security and adequately configuring your company's network to be secure. Since you don't have a list of equipment, you have a little leeway on what your presentation will include in that respect, however, for details on physical security, you have to make sure you include the basics. Make sure you detail what will deter hackers from breaking in. Be sure to include your references.

Submit a PowerPoint presentation with 8-10 (or more) slides that outlines your company's needs for these types of security, how it should be used, and how it is to be structured.

Attach the PowerPoint presentation to this assignment link. This assignment should adhere to the minimums for slide countand is due at the end of the academic week. It is worth 50 points, and a good presentation of the topic will get full credit. Ensure you're using standard formatting for presentations and that you cite and reference any sources used. Any misspellings or grammar issues will result in deductions from the total score. This assignment's score will appear in theonline grade book following the end academic week.

Research Paper Assignment - Milestone 2 - Abstract (Attach the Abstract to this Assignment)

The Research Paper abstract is due this week. Make sure you have read through the Research Paper Overview in the Research Paper folder. Submit the abstract in a single Word document by attaching it to this assignment using the link provided.

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Reference no: EM13854045

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