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You are the Human Resource Manager for a 30-person t-shirt design company located in New Castle, Delaware. The business is in the third year of operation, but sales have started to decline. The owner is concerned that consumers are choosing to purchase goods online from around the world and that the company will not be able to remain competitive. She has asked you to prepare a one page memorandum on the impact of globalization on the workforce in the company and how the organization can become better equipped to face the challenges it faces.

The memorandum should be prepared in formal business style and be approximately 500 words

Reference no: EM131369649

An analyst has timed a metal-cutting operation

An analyst has timed a metal-cutting operation for 50 cycles. The average time per cycle was 10.5 minutes, and the standard deviation was 1.20 minutes for a worker with a perf

Some actions to address backward-looking limitations

What are the two things involved in the leadership challenge to consistently achieve good strategy execution? what issues should communication plan address? How can a company

Write the formula for price elasticity of demand

Write the formula for price elasticity of demand and describe what it means. How would you expect the price elasticity of demand for health care to vary with health status

Focus on in traditional project management environment

What would a project manager focus on when doing risk management in an agile environment that they would not likely focus on in a traditional project management environment?

Role of responsibility in management

Given the role of responsibility in management, can you think of some examples that demonstrate your ability to accept responsibility? How has accepting responsibility helped

Compare the human resources philosophy of two companies

Compare the human resources philosophy of two companies from the same industry. Comparison should include their similarities, differences and at least one item that gives th

What are the pv-ev-ac-cv-sv-cpi and spi

Mary is the project manager for a web design project for Newberry Pet Foods. So far in the six weeks (of the twelve week project), Mary’s team has completed five tasks which h

Course of action afc should follow in launching new product

AFC is about to launch its new Wings N Things fast food nationally. The research department is convinced that Wings N Things will be a great success and wants to introduce it


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