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 A company has two types of machinist who are assigned to produce a part. The required daily output is 2400 units for an 8 hour work day. The type 1 machinist is paid at a higher rate of $20/hour and can produce 30 units/hour with a defect rate of 1%. The type 2 machinist has a lower throughput rate of 24 jobs/hour with a defect rate of 4%. The type 2 machinist is paid $16/hour. Each reject requires a rework cost of $4/unit. Ten units of type 1 machinist and 12 units of type 2 machinists are available. Determine the optimal assignment of machinist which will minimize the daily production cost. 

Reference no: EM131152387

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THREE advantages and THREE disadvantages to utilizing Applicant Tracking Systems. Next, suggest TWO potential solutions for improving Human Resource Information Systems operat

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What types of damages could Wendy recover? If Wendy sues Derek, in what state(s) could she sue, and in what court (federal or state) could she properly file the suit? If Pau

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Imagine you work in the Marketing department at Dell Computers. You have the task of determining how to market your desktop computers to both business clients and the resident

Vp-operations for one plant of major home appliance producer

Your immediate superior on your new job is VP-Operations for one plant of a major home appliance producer. Her responsibilities cover over 8000 WIP and Raw Materials items use


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