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Post a link to an article on a current topic related to IT security and/or ethics in the news. Once you post your article, go to other students submission and respond with how you see the articles content relating to either of the texts in class and/or discussion online or in class. You must respond to two other students articles submitted in order to receive credit. There will be some of the same articles posted from different students. This happens, but should not be the "norm".

The article you post must be current (last two weeks) and be relevant to the subjects discussed in this courses.

Article topic ideas:

- Information breaches (these will be the vast majority)

- disgruntled employee cases involving data theft or leaking of information

- company financial embezzlement cases that are directly related to IT

- Ethical dilemma articles surrounding privacy of information

You must respond to two other students articles submitted in order to receive credit

First student:

• Article:

Here is an article about Spotify being hacked. I know this article assignment isn't due for a while but I think is a good article to end these discussions with. I have a Spotify account and I wonder if my information was released as well.

Second student:

• This article is regarding Apple vs FBI case that we have talked about in class. This article states that other tech companies like Google, Facebook, and Twitter are supporting Apple's decision (Tim Cook, CEO).


Reference no: EM13990144

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