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Company: baseCRM. please apply for an account and see its function.

  • The Industry (Canadian market)
  • Your Company profile
  • The Product or Service that you will represent as a salesperson:
    • Description of the product

§  Product info sheets, price sheets (Appendix)

o   Features and benefits chart for end user

o   Features and benefits chart for your prospect

  • Competitor info (direct or indirect)

§  Identify and profile at least 3 competitors

  • Areas where your product/service is equal, superior or inferior to your competitors (important for objection handling)


  • Identify lead generation sources used to sell your product or service
  • Determine 3 prospects and discuss how you qualified them (methods used)
    • Provide profile sheets for each
  • Interview 1 prospect
    • Think about what info you need and where to get it: fill out Exhibit 5.4 (p.130) Exhibit 5.5 (p.132) and Exhibit 5.6 (p.133)
    • During your introduction, it's important to mention that you are students gathering information for a class project, and not actually trying to sell a product.
    • Discuss the pre-approach

§  Discuss securing the appointment (# of attempts, successful?)

§  What approach did you use

§  Include your introduction in Appendix

o   Discuss the experience in the office

§  Prospect's communication style (take pictures of the office if you can)

§  How did you develop rapport (your questions in Appendix)?

o   Discuss the prospect's problems and needs - (SPIN questions and answers in Appendix).

o   Discuss the different types of objections

o   Fill out the Sales Dialogue Template (use SPIN instead of ADAPT on part 6) in Exhibit 6.4 p.147

o   Provide an honest assessment of how the meeting went (positive and negative) 

Late reports will result in a 4 mark deduction of your final group grade.

Report Format

  • Reports should exhibit a high degree of professionalism -refer to your COMM212 textbook
    • 1" margins all sides, 12 pt font, Times New Roman; 1.5 line-spacing; include headings and subheadings for organization and readability; include page numbers
    • 5-8 page requirement for the "Body" (excludes visuals and appendices)
  • Reports must be grammatically correct with no spelling or typographical errors
  • Reports must be bound with a clear plastic cover
  • Include a Title Page, a Table of Contents, the "Body", Appendices, and List of Works Cited
  • Visuals and Appendices must be properly titled and referenced, and must be discussed in the body of the text.
  • Include a copy of your "Thank You" letter to the prospect you interviewed as an Appendix
  • Use references (in-text citations and List of Works Cited) - APA or MLA style (be consistent).

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Reference no: EM13155090

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