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Pick any major organization or corporation of your choice (i.e. McDonald's, Apple, Walmart, Microsoft, etc.) and provide answers to these questions:

In your opinion, has the company achieved "strategic competitiveness"? Please support your answer well by stating:

Has it committed and acted to achieve above average returns?

Does the company have competitive advantage over other companies/organizations?

What are some things that the firm has committed to do and/or committed not to do?

Reference no: EM131228716

Discuss one of self-centered ways humans present themselves

Discuss one of the self-centered ways humans present themselves to others. Provide a specific example from your experience and another example at the micro level which means:

Existing of conflicts between functional areas

A job advertisement that generates 1,000 responses is always better than one that gets twenty responses.” Build an argument supporting this statement and an argument against t

Identify a journal article relevant to your industry

identify a journal article relevant to your industry (past, current, or intended) and describe why that article helps you understand a component of motivation within your in

Determine the upper and lower control limits for a p-chart

Metropolitan University conducts course assessment each year to monitor the proportion of students who do not meet the minimum passing score on a comprehensive exam given at t

What is the reorder point equal to

Given that unit cost = $25, annual carrying charge = 10%, annual demand = 4000 units and ordering cost = $15 per order. Assume that there are 50 weeks in the work year and 5

Ethics emphasizes happiness-justice-human right and equality

Ethics emphasizes happiness, justice, human rights, and equality. How do these ideas relate to the environment and future generations? Support your perspective using ethical t

What are the differences between emergencies and disasters

What are the differences between emergencies and disasters? How are disaster recovery and the other phases of comprehensive emergency management connected? How can these linka

Delivery of healthcare services is dependent on availability

The delivery of healthcare services is dependent on the availability of skilled professionals who can provide needed care and supporting services. List and explain two factors


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