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We have heard about V.U.C.A. world first used in 1987 to describe increasingly unstable and rapidly changing business world. We now also observe how disruptive technology or innovation creates new market and value network, displacing established market-leading firms, products and alliances. Today we recognise how industry 4.0 is starting to change or reshape the way things are produced. Given the above global evolved situations, how do companies adapt their businesses and operating models; and thrive in this modern economy?

Reference no: EM132280605

Discuss the nature of work and working conditions

Write an informational report. Discuss the nature of work, working conditions, necessary qualifications and future jobs outlook for the occupation. Include information about s

Software subcontractor has filed for bankruptcy protection

You just found out that your software subcontractor has filed for bankruptcy protection. How will you communicate this significant risk to your management? Do you plan to comm

Critical component of strategic management

The ability to do a comprehensive financial analysis is a critical component of strategic management. Discuss the steps involved in conducting the following analyses: cross-se

What are underlying objectives for the definition of risk

What are underlying objectives for the definition of risk? What are three major categories of risk attitudes? Explain the categories and risk and provide examples for each cat

Contribute to the leaning of services

Which of the following would not contribute to the leaning of services? Because the lean philosophy is so consequential competitively, firms are often advised to adopt it ____

Organization could never be prepared for disaster

Some people say an organization could never be “prepared” for a disaster such as the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School, the Japan nuclear disaster, or the huge BP oil s

The business of quality attracts many philosophers

The business of quality attracts many philosophers who mostly agree on the basic concepts. It is known, however, that W. Edwards Deming does not emphasize measuring cost of qu

Difference between implicit and explicit attitudes-actions

Try to think of an example when you (or someone else) acted "automatically" without thinking in a way that probably goes against the person's (conscious or explicit) beliefs.


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