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Write an essay on the following: "Community Organizations/Social Movements Are More Likely To Achieve Their Goals in Liberal Democratic Countries like The United Kingdom" Discuss.


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In conclusion, it can be said that the nature of the Government is crucial to the success or failure of social movements and community organizations. Liberal democracies pave away for them, though along with considerable obstacles. The people of a democracy have hopes, aspirations, and a voice (Kolers, 2016). The government, in assisting the movements, has its selfish motives from the point of view of the elections. The people have a reason to push their limits. The pond certainly affects the spirit and the girth of the fish, so Liberal Democracies like the UK and the US definitely do decide the pace of the people and their social movements (Kolers, 2016).

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A liberal democracy is one that gives its citizens total freedom. There is equality and decentralization of power, and the face of the government is chosen by the people for whom it stands. This implies civil liberties like freedom of speech, property, divorce, etc. Similarly, liberal democracies allow the people to willfully take up a movement or group effort for establishing their social cause. If they have a point to prove or a law to bring in effect, they are very much encouraged to use social movements for the same. It, obviously, would not be possible for authoritarian governments to let such social movements or community organizations flourish, as they are much antagonistic in approach and in their way of existence (Williams, 2015). In a liberal democracy, nevertheless, these movements have more space to breathe and enact. They support the government too, by supporting their causes and in turn letting they function better. This earns them goodwill and justifies their governance, even gives them a chance at getting reelected. In fact, it is fruition for both - the government, and the social cause.

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