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In this assignment you have to prepare a paper in around 500 to 600 words describing the "Communication strategies on the topic of Communication Strategies Of Museo Civico Di Storia Naturale Di Milano"


The internet has revolutionized how institutions do business today. The importance of an online presence to any institution cannot be underrated. Consequently, institutions invest dearly on this by running and maintaining websites that showcase their contents to prospective clientele or visitors. The impact of websites on companies’ profits has been so much that no single entity is ready to reduce their online marketing budgets. This shows just how crucial it is for institutions to display relevant online content about them. Museo civico di Storia Naturale di Milano is no exception to this fact and it has put up an online presence of its own by use of a website.

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The management can clearly do better to improve their online content. This content has to go beyond the need to simply improve collections. The content has to take the shape of a voice that screams out the unique features of Museo civico di Storia Naturale di Milano.

Reference no: EM131193940

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