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As the manager of user experience for a large Internet service provider, Gina spends a lot of her time trying to figure out how best to communicate the value of the technology enhancement services that the firm provides. For this reason, Gina been asked to give a presentation at a big technology conference on the topic of "communicating value to customers." With 15 years in the business, Gina feels confident she has a lot to offer the audience, which is largely comprised of people just like her. But with only 20 minutes to speak, she is concerned about how to fit it all in. Which of the following areas of effective communication should Gina focus MOST of her efforts in preparing the presentation?

Reference no: EM131368255

In context example of motivations-triggers-barriers

Describe the 4 orientations/philosophies in the EPRG framework? In context example of motivations, triggers, barriers (using two of each) Explain Uppsala model (shortcomings)?

Economic order quantity and annual order and carrying cost

A manufacturer buys cardboard boxes from a supplier. The annual demand is 36000 boxes and is uniformly distributed. The boxes cost $4 each. The estimated order cost is $6, and

Fairness of law-is the statute fair

Fairness of Law - Is the statute fair? Would the statute be lawful today? Should the law be a "progressive science"? Service of Process - Do you think Facebook uses alternativ

Businesses appear to fit the business market definition

The company is Senior's First Choice and is a non medical in home care company focused toward seniors wishing to age in place or in home. What specific types of businesses app

Initial certification from the state

Beth Zion Hospital has received initial certification from the state of California to become a center for liver transplants. The hospital, however, must complete its first 18

Identify type of behavior this imaginary customer exhibits

If you are currently working or have held a job in the recent past, imagine that you've encountered such a customer. if you don't have job experience to call on, imagine that

Executive director of a small nonprofit organization

You have been hired as an executive director of a small nonprofit organization. Among your many duties are to determine an annual budget and develop a fiscal plan for the or

Performance appraisal case study

One of the concerns Dr. Carver had when she got to Wachovia was that they did not have a common performance appraisal and management system. Each year supervisors filled out e


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