Common types of logical inconsistencies in business messages

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1. What are the three components in the AIM planning process for business messages, audience analysis, idea development and message structuring?

2. What is the general nature of excellence in business thinking and how does it apply to the idea development stage of planning messages?

3. What are the basic considerations in the audience analysis stage of planning messages?

4. What is the nature of framing for business messages?

5. What are the common types of logical inconsistencies in business messages?

6. What is the important of achieving positive and other-oriented tone in business messages?

Reference no: EM132280075

Develop a customer satisfaction survey

Develop a customer satisfaction survey of eight questions. The questions must be relevant to the case study that the project team would use to solicit appropriate responses

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Wholemark is an Internet order business that sells one popular New Year greeting card once a year. The cost of the paper on which the card is printed is $0.95 per card, and

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Lean production uses a “pull” system. Differentiate between “push” and “pull” systems of production, and show the benefits of using the “pull” system instead of the “push” sys

Generic pharmaceuticals industry

How does Teva compete in the generic pharmaceuticals industry? What is its competitive advantage. Evaluate Teva's resources. Which are its most valuable ones?

Agreement for such contract to be enforceable

Pomona hires Tom to renovate her farm house and repair some minor damages for $1000. Tom informs her that it will take him at least 6 months to complete the work. Discuss whet

Transportation in their busy parenting life

Create a 2 page sales presentation outline as if you are selling "Uber services to a school district" in hopes they can market it to the parents in the system to use as a tran

Humanitarian organization led by volunteers

The _____ for American Red Cross is The American Red Cross, a humanitarian organization led by volunteers and guided by its Congressional Charter and the Fundamental Principle

Project environments are you concerned with most

You and your project team are located in Des Moines, Iowa, but your project execution will take place in Mexico. You have valid concerns about the interactions with the stakeh


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