Common types of cash larceny schemes

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3-1 Briefly describe some common types of cash larceny schemes.
3-2 Why is it generally more difficult to detect skimming than cash larceny?
3-3 In the case study of bank teller Laura Grove, what type of fraud did she commit
4-4 What are some of the ways shell company invoices can be identified?
4-5 Sharon Forsyth worked in the purchasing department of a retail store. She was in charge of ordering merchandise inventory and various supplies for the organization. She purchased merchandise through a fictitious shell company and then resold it to her employer at an inflated price. What is the name for this type of fraud?
4-6 Karen Martinis was responsible for opening mail, processing vendor claims, and authorizing payments. She was involved in a scheme in which she either double-paid vendor invoices, paid the wrong vendors, or over-paid the right vendors. What type of billing scheme is being described in this case?

Reference no: EM13281496

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