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Upon completion of the Required Readings, write a thorough, well-planned narrative answer to each of the following discussion questions. Rely on your Required Readings and the Lecture and Research Update for specific information to answer each discussion question, but turn to your original thoughts when asked to apply, evaluate, analyze, or synthesize the information. Your Discussion Question responses should be both grammatically and mechanically correct, and formatted in the same fashion as the questions themselves. If there is a Part A, your response should identify a Part A, etc. In addition, you must appropriately cite all resources used in your responses and document in a bibliography using APA style.

Vision statements can apply to an individual, a family, a business, or simply to decorating your apartment. Think about something you care about for which you want the future to be different from the present. (25 points) (A 1½-page response is required.)

  1. Review the discussion of what a vision does and the common themes of vision in your text (pp. 389-388) and refer to Denton's (1997) article for examples of vision statements. Write a personal vision statement that focuses on your desired change.

  2. Discuss each of the five (5) common themes of vision found in your text.

  3. Which of these themes do you feel is reflected in your personal vision statement, if any? Explain.

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