Common kinked-demand model

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1. If the 4 firm concentration ratio of an industry is 75%, what does it mean?

2. Explain in Game Theory how payoff matrices used? Exemplify communal interdependence among firms in oligopolies. To predict likely outcomes, how can they be used?

3. Explain, using the prisoners' dilemma analysis, why cooperation can be mutually beneficial, but if conditions prevent cooperation or collusion from happening, the outcome is worse for both parties.

4. Elucidate the common kinked-demand model? In the oligopolist's marginal-revenue curve, elucidate the reason for gap. In this model explain how does price rigidity in oligopoly?

5. Why is advertising prevalent in many oligopolies, especially when industry demand is inelastic? Illustrate your answer by assuming that with advertising, a firm's demand curve has price elasticity of -1.5 and without advertising, it is -2. If MC is $10, what is the difference in the profit-maximizing price?

Reference no: EM136889

Suppose the production function for coffee

Suppose the production function for coffee (C) is C = min(B,W) where B = beans in pounds and W = water in gallons and the price of water is $.10 per gallon and the price of be

Cigarette-rolling machinery

In the early 1880’s cigarette-rolling machinery became available. Prior to this all rolling was done by hand. The machines dramatically cut the cost of rolling cigarettes. But

What happens to the money supply

What happens to the money supply if the Federal Reserve Bank increases interest rates at their next meeting in September? Make sure to include the appropriate equation. Make s

What are switching costs and what do they imply for pricing

What are switching costs and what do they imply for pricing? Discuss three examples from the financial services industry showing how a marketer can take advantage of switching

Dynamics of aggregate demand and aggregate supply model

Discuss and explain the following questions using knowledge about the dynamics of Aggregate Demand and Aggregate Supply Model. What is the cause of the 2007-09 Great recession

Explain firm output and labour employed in short run

Production When you have completed your study of this chapter, you will be able to 1 2 3 4 Explain how economists measure a firms cost of production and profit. Explain rela

Assume that nations marginal propensity to consume

Assume that a nation’s marginal propensity to consume is 0.9, and that its potential GDP exceeds its actual real GDP by $5000. By how much should that nations government chang

Price elasticity of demand is just a number

Price elasticity of demand is just a number. Economists may not necessarily be interested in the size of this number, but whether its absolute value is greater than, less than


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