Commercial law often has to balance competing aims

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'Commercial law often has to balance competing aims. It is not possible to provide laws that are both certain and flexible and there is little doubt that English commercial law favours certainty over flexibility.' Discuss the validity of this statement.


Reference no: EM13861039

What was the original prohibition under the fcpa

In 1977, following the disclosure of Gulf Oil Corporation's $4,000,000 payment to the President of South Korea, and other oil companies questionable payments in foreign countr

Concepts of intelligence versus information

Define (that is, "operationalize") the concepts of intelligence versus information. Do differences in these terms matter? How might either be easier-or more difficult-to share

Where are there breaches of ethical behavior

What are the ethical issues? Where are there breaches of ethical behavior? How could each ethical theory you cite help people think about what constitutes virtuous or ethical

Ethical issue that may arise from social debate

From the e-Activity, give your opinion of Jack Kevorkian's saying, "dying is not a crime", and analyze the manner in which his actions rose to the level of homicide. Provide

Create a crisis intervention team

Create a Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) proposal for the City of Kelsey based on the Memphis Model. Use the City of Kelsey to obtain the following demographic data: Populati

What role does the economy play in your society

Describe your religious system. Is there religion? If so, how many different kinds are there? What role does religion play. Is religious belief required of everyone? Describ

Apply fraud triangle model to discuss the world-com fraud

OMBA 6315 Ethics Essay Assignment. Apply the fraud triangle model to discuss the World-Com Fraud and briefly discuss how Gebler's approach to "Creating An Ethical Culture" c

Same production technologies for the various products

"According to the Heckscher-Ohlin theory, two countries that have the same production technologies for the various products that they produce are unlikely to trade much with


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