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I need a positive comment based in this argument, between 200-300 words.

Family is very important for many people and it is what gives strength to most of the human beings. As a result, it is important to ensure that the relationships of the families have been maintained. There are roles which are assigned to different members of a family it there is always a change of the roles as time moves by. For example, initially, the parents are expected to take of their children and also they are expected to ensure that the wellbeing of their children have been taken of. They are supposed to feed them, take them to school, ensure that they are healthy and also offer them psychological support. However, with time, the children grow and they become mature and they get families of their own and they get responsibilities and also they have their problems to take care of (Goldenberg, Goldenberg, 2008). The parents also get old and they need help from their children. This is the whole cycle of family.

In this case scenario, the mother is ill and she has no one to take care of her. She therefore needs family love and also affection and she also needs to be taken care of. As a result, the daughter can help but she is also torn between her career responsibilities and family responsibilities since she has three kids to take care of.  The nurse who has been assigned to take care of the mother can offer help. She can be able to encourage the mother emotionally and also to spend time with her. The nurse can also be able to advice Susie on how she can be able to ensure that the health condition of her mother have not deteriorated. The nurse should be very helpful to the family. She should also ensure that both the mother and the daughter are not emotionally depressed because of the pressure they have.

The nurse should also try and try to talk to the ill mother about the change of roles between her and her daughter. This is because the daughter will now have to take care of the mother instead of the mother taking care. The nurse has to ensure that the family understands the various changes of roles as the life goes by and that everyone has to go through cycle (White, Klein, 2008). This should ensure that the mother has no problem with her daughter taking care of her and also taking care of her grandchildren.

The family structural theory tries to identify the strengths of a family system and tries to minimize dysfunctional patterns of interaction. This theory helps to develop the family ties and also ensure that families remain strong. The theory also establishes whether there are various conflicts among the family members and how he various disagreements can be corrected. The nurse can use this theory to find out how the mother feels about the change of the roles and try and use the family strengths to ensure that the mother is okay with the idea of moving in with her daughter (Slee, Campbell, Spears, 2012).  The family developmental theory is very useful in this scenario since it's able to indicate how the changes in the family life cycle occurs. The theory indicates the reasons why these changes are happening and why the daughter has to take care of her mother.

Health education with come in handy for this family. This is because the mother is ill and she needs health education to ensure that her health condition does not deteriorate. She can be able to know how to take care and live well. The daughter also needs health education on how she can be able to manage and balance work and family and remain healthy. As a result, health education will, therefore, lead to health promotion of this family. The family needs health education to remain in good health.

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Reference no: EM131316170

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