Comment on australias trade policy
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Trade policy - Comment on Australia's trade policy (both positive and negative impacts on Australian economy, industries, tariff, Government subsidies and employment)

Structure of the Research Paper

• Introduction - which topic 300 words
• Body- Discuss the topic in the article and with some theory -2400 words
• Conclusion 300 words

- More marks for research - choosing a good article on something specific
- Atleast 6 to 10 articles on your topic besides facts and figures
- Copying theory from the book is not acceptable. 


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Table of Contents

Introduction 2
Free Trade Policy, Australia 2
Economic Impacts of Trade Policy in Australia 2
Industrial Impacts of Free Trade Policy 4
Impact of Free Trade on Employment 5
Impact of Tariff 6
Impact of Government Subsidies 7
Conclusion 8
References 10


The role of trade across the world in bringing commerce together and for making a nation flourish cannot be sidelined. Australian investment and trade policy is supported by BCA (Business Council of Australia) underpinning the nation to work in a free, accessible and also has efficiency for markets globally (Nguyen, 2010). The security of trade policy however is ensured by WTOs multilateral liberalization inclusive of foreign trade agreements in alignment with the trade rules of Australia along with an objective to establish global free trade in the long run. Policies of trade need to have complementary and reinforced global effort through

which a nation’s government motivates the reform related to foreign market structures with an aim to facilitate regulatory environment that have pro-competition. From this perspective, trade policy develops from and is a mirror image of any country’s main objectives of local economy (Jamieson, 2011). These objectives are agreed upon from various perspectives such as rapid resources development inclusive of primary and secondary as a mean to drive sustainability in rapid growth of population along with delivering complete employment and increase in the

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