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1. Many organizations offer a combination of goods and services to their customers. As learned in Chapter 1, there are some key differences between production of goods and delivery of services. What are the implications of these differences relative to managing operations? Provide a relevant example from your own perspective to support your understanding.

2. Outsourced demostrate that globalization benefits the developing nations such as India, more than the countries of the developed world?


Reference no: EM132184867

Seasonal indices for the first three quarters of the year

Suppose the following are the seasonal indices for the first three quarters of the year for a quarterly series: Remember that the seasonal indices should average 100 so you sh

How many agents are needed to meet the service goal

An analysis of the current reservation system that does not allow callers to wait. How many reservation agents are needed to meet the service goal? An analysis of the expand

Rechargeable batteries or other energy storage devices

An electric car is an automobile that is powered by one or more electric motors, using electrical energy stored in rechargeable batteries or other energy storage devices. Disc

Product achieved the optimum? taste-fiber trade-off

In their? research, Fiber One product managers consistently heard that the awful taste of fiber was a real barrier for many? consumers, even though they realized they needed m

What type of sampling technique is being used

A student at your school wants to survey students regarding their credit card use. She decides to conduct the survey at the student center during lunch hour by interviewing ev

Describe how the center for disease control

Give one example of how IT assists with disease monitoring and surveillance. Explain if your example is passive or active surveillance and explain why. Describe how the Cent

Require employers to pay their employees while on leave

Currently the FMLA does not require employers to pay their employees while on leave. There is interest in many states and municipalities to require employers to pay employees

Minimize total annual holding and ordering costs

Consider an Construction service company(CSS) that stocks a specific type of compressor, which they source from an candain supplier. Since this compressor is the only product


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