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The compare contrast paper:

-You will be writing a compare/contrast essay based upon two works of art from the permanent collection of the Indianapolis Museum of Art.

-The works you choose should be from the time period we study in this course: Prehistoric through Gothic.

-You can access the IMA website at

Compare Contrast Essay

This paper will use basic skills that are necessary to research and develop a formal analysis of a work of art. This assignment deals with the comparison of two works of art found on the website for the Indianapolis Museum of Art's permanent collection. You will find the website at: The final product of this research will be a two-page typewritten paper. Your formal analysis must be:

Paper Research-

The first stage:

Find information about the works and their respective artists, and document that information. Use the sheet provided below to help you gather important information. Be sure to include possible artist influences and reference any special subject matter depicted in the works. After you have had a chance to research basic information about your particular works of art, try to describe it using the elements of art listed below.

Remember: the work you choose should be from the time period we study in this class, Prehistory through Gothic. Look under Ancient Art of the Americas and Ancient Art of the Mediterranean on the IMA website.

The second stage:

Take the information you have about the works (including your analysis of the elements of art, subject matter and artistic media), and present it in essay form.

The third stage of your analysis:

Refine your writing and to make any changes necessary before turning in the paper.

Reference no: EM13831045

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