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1) Elton is a limited partner in Destiny Tours, a limited partnership. Collection Credit Company, a Destiny creditor, claims that Eton is subject to personal liability for Destiny's debts because Elton is subject to personal liability for Destiny's debts because Elton has the right, as a limited partner to take control of the firm. Is Collection Credit correct? Explain your answer.

2) Evan Smith experienced a heart attack in the emergency room of Baptist Memorial Hospital after being given a dose of penicillin for a sore throat. Smith sued the attending physician as well as the hospital. The hospital called itself a full-service hospital with emergency room facilities. Baptist Memorial did not consider the doctors to be its agents. For tax and accounting purpose the doctors were not treated as employees of the hospital.  Based on this information, discuss whether the doctors who treated patients in the emergency room were agents of the hospital.

Reference no: EM13293581

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